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What is Hypnotism

The clinical and scientific use of hypnotism is known as hypnosis. Hypnosis is a temporary altered state of consciousness. Those who perform hypnosis are called hypnotists. Hypnotism is a tool that can be utilized by the right people that are qualified to help others who are plagued by some psychological and medical issues. Hypnotism has been practiced since man was civilized. Unfortunately, most people use it badly and the misuse has made hypnotism a bad thing in the eyes of the society. What has also played a big part in hypnotism being viewed as a bad thing is because most people do not know anything regarding it, the ones that do have some wrong beliefs and everyone makes exaggerated claims about what they hear. Some organizations do not share these views and give their support for hypnotism to be used medically.

For a long time, most people believed that magical powers were somehow connected to hypnotism. This belief has however been proved wrong by proving that hypnosis has effects on everyone unconsciously and is very common. It is also a very wrong belief that people can be hypnotized without their consent. The hypnosis does not work if the person being hypnotized does not agree to it. Hypnotism requires that both the participants work together willingly to bring about the state. Many people are led to believe that hypnosis is a bad thing because of something that took place sometime back when it was performed for everyone’s viewing and the subject was told to do things. The incident was taken advantage of by moviemakers who made hypnotism look like a really bad thing. These films are responsible for people’s misconceptions on hypnotism. The films also made hypnotism look so simple and easy that even untrained people tried to practice it on their own which led to disasters. The disasters then made hypnotism look really bad.

The Greek word hypnos is where the word hypnosis is derived from and it means sleep. Funny enough hypnotism has very little to do with sleep. While being hypnotized, the subject does everything in full awareness though in a dreamlike state. Hypnotized people cannot be manipulated into doing something they do not want because they are fully aware of their actions. Hypnotism is done in a procedure. The hypnotist makes the state of awareness of a subject change by using language. A sensitive person may experience quite a different state of awareness and often become very responsive to suggestion. Science has also proven that the function of every person can be altered by hypnosis. Every person goes through something unique to them as he or she is being hypnotized. Some go through it without being hypnotized. Really sensitive people start responding to suggestions even before they are fully hypnotized and this makes them extremely responsive once fully hypnotized. People have been known to even blush and sweat while in hypnosis. Hypnotism could therefore really help in treating medical and psychological issues.

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