Militants storm security compound in Yemen in deadly attack

Militants storm security compound in Yemen in deadly attack

Loyalist forces stand guard on a main road in the Mansoura residential district of Yemen’s second city of Aden after they pushed Al-Qaeda out of parts of the southern city on March 30, 2016, military sources said. SALEH AL-OBEIDI/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

SANAA, Yemen — Masked militants set off a large car bomb outside a security headquarters in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden early Sunday killing at least five soldiers before storming the compound, officials said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief reporters, the security officials said the militants placed snipers on the roof and gunned down most of the security forces inside. The officials gave conflicting accounts of what happened next inside the building. They initially said that the militants had taken an unknown number of people hostage. Later they said that they opened cell gates and released prisoners.

Witnesses said at least four militant snipers could be seen on the roof of the compound. They also described mayhem as dead bodies littering the compound’s front courtyard couldn’t be retrieved because of the continuous sniper fire. Shallal al-Shayae, the security chief, was not inside the compound at the time of the attack, the officials said.

In an online statement, the local affiliate of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack, saying they killed 50 soldiers and identified the bomber as Abu Othman al-Hadrami.

A Saudi-led coalition meanwhile launched a wave of airstrikes — starting overnight and continuing until noon the next day — on the rebel-held capital, Sanaa, apparently in response to a ballistic missile fired by the rebels toward an international airport on the outskirts of Riyadh, the Saudi capital. Saudi Arabia said it shot down the missile before it hit its target, with fragments landing in an uninhabited area north of the capital.

A Houthi fighter talks on the phone as he walks at the site of an air strike on a parade square in Sanaa, Yemen November 5, 2017. KHALED ABDULLAH/REUTERS
U.S. President Donald Trump was quick to blame Iran. “A shot was just taken by Iran, in my opinion, at Saudi Arabia. And our system knocked it down,” Mr. Trump said, referring to the Patriot missile batteries Saudi Arabia purchased from the U.S.

Iran’s Defense Minister Gen. Amir Hatami has denied his country was involved in the incident. “Does anyone ask the United States what are you giving to Saudi Arabia?” he was quoted by the semi-official ISNA news agency as saying.

Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard Chief, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, also said that Iran can’t transfer rockets to Yemen and stressed that the missiles were made there. He described Mr. Trump’s comments as “lies.”

Yemen is embroiled in a war between Iran-backed Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, and the internationally recognized government, which is allied with a Saudi-led military coalition. The government has been based in Saudi Arabia since the Houthis overran the capital Sanaa in 2014. Government forces ostensibly control Aden, but the city remains volatile.

The Houthis said in a statement that the missile was launched in response to bombings that have killed civilians. The Houthis have fired a number of missiles across the border in recent years, but this appeared to be the deepest strike yet within Saudi territory.

Riyadh is around 620 miles north of the border with Yemen.

Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen have killed and wounded thousands of civilians, hitting houses, busy markets, hospitals and schools in what rights groups have said amounts to war crimes. Houthi artillery has also killed a large numbers of civilians. The war has claimed more than 10,000 lives and driven the Arab world’s poorest country to the brink of famine.

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Things You Should Keep In Mind When Looking For The Right Bed For You Dog.

With the many choices of dog beds available, it can be confusing to choose the best bed for your dog. Your choice of a bed dog will be determined by the nature of your dog. The size of the dog as well as its age will determine the dog bed you choose.

Dog beds are designed in varying shapes and sizes. Some popular types of bed dogs are known to mimic human beds. Also, you can get foam cushions, bolsters and sofa beds that can be both practical and also stylish additions to your decor. Ensure that you have all these things in mind when choosing the ideal dog bed for your pet.

To get the ideal bed you have to know the size of your dog by taking its measurements. The measurements are very vital especially if your dog loves stretching. Other dogs prefer to curl up and be cradled in a smaller round bed. Beds that are made to suit dogs of varying weights will also be found in the market where a thick and strong mattress will be for a dog that is big and is heavy. If you buy a thinner mattress for a huge dog you will have to go back to the shop faster than you expected.

The other thing that will guide you in choosing a dog bed is the location for the dog bed. The planned location will determine the shape and the color of the dog bed. You should keep the location of the dog bed in mind when choosing a bed for your dog. Decide whether the dog bed will be in the living room or in the bedroom.

The unique features you want for your dog will guide you in picking the best dog bed. It will help a lot to buy a thick mattress for an old dog that has arthritis. If your dog is shy and loves to sleep in private places get a hooded bed. A bolster or a sofa bed will be ideal for the dogs who love to rest their head on something.

You will also want to consider the fabric and the washing instructions for the dog buy you intend to buy. If your pet is young and not used to the house environment or you have a dog that has bladder problems, you have to ensure that you get a dog bet that can be cleaned and be dried easily. For the outside dog, choose a bed that is resistant to weather elements.

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The Benefits of Using Satellite Internet

High-speed internet has much to offer, but this is alien to you if you have not used satellite internet. Homes, small businesses and other people who need unprecedented internet access are candidates for satellite internet.

The speed of satellite internet is very good. Satellite internet ensures that you do more and view more in a fraction of a second.When you consider the 56k which is the dial-up modem’s speed; it seems like child’s play to satellite internet’s speed of 2mbps. There is no way you will see satellite internet losing to dial-up modems. Satellite internet is becoming more popular by the day than any other form of internet access.

The availability of satellite internet is amazing. Satellite internet covers all parts of the United States. The DSL and the cable are not able to cover all parts of the United States, but the satellite internet does. Any place of your residence will be appropriate for you to access high-speed internet. It is only required that you have a clear view of the sky so that you receive the high-speed internet.There is no reliance on cables finding their way to your house.

Unlike the dial-up, you don’t have to log in and then wait. At times you can be frustrated by such connections. This can boil up to a trial method when you keep trying to access the internet. This occasions unfathomable frustrations. It is beyond frustration. It is a nightmare to conduct business on the web with such connectivity.

Satellite internet will easily allow you to use the internet with no consideration to the number of computers accessing the internet at the same time. There is no turn-taking to access the internet. All the members of the family can access the internet at the same time, regardless of their actual number. This is also very effectual for small businesses. Satellite internet is good for those who require more than one person to access the intent at the same time.Satellite internet becomes more of a necessity than a luxury.

The download speed for satellite internet is quite high, and to your satisfaction. There is no time that you will have to start over again streaming music and videos as the data tries loading.

In a very big way, satellite intent uses state of the art technology. Having cutting edge is what this boils up to. Even more interesting is the fact that the equipment is easy to handle.The equipment is compatible with any computer.

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Useful Points to Consider Buying a Watch

It is the watch that is the only jewelry that will have the definition of the look of the man as well as the tone. A man, that needs nothing but great respect deals with the timepiece of Rolex. For a man that is looking for a long-lasting and quality watch, a Rolex watch is the best choice.Before deciding to purchase a Rolex watch, and there are various things that you need to put into consideration. One of the first thing is that you should consider the factory warranty of the clock since an authorized dealer must sell a brand new Rolex watch with it. As any individual buys a Rolex watch, it is so crucial to be careful and observes the bands in that the ones with kinked bands are fake and low quality whereas the straight banded are of good quality.

The bracelets will also tell if the clock is real or fake in that it needs to match the watch. A fake Rolex watch will have the bracelet links kinked, but the real one will have to remain very straight. The other thing that one can tell about the Rolex watch is genuine and of high quality is by it having a sticker Hologram-encoded on its back. With that, it is the reference number of the Rolex watch that makes it unique and above it is the logo. The fake Rolex watches can also have the stickers on their back, but they can easily be identified when one views them from a different angle, they don’t always change the appearance.

As one purchases Rolex watch for men, there is a need to look at the ticking of the second hand.Moreover, as you look for a very genuine Rolex watch for men, it is essential that you observe the bubble-like date window that gets to magnify the date. Whenever the date number that appears to be in the window looks crooked then that is a fake Rolex watch.

Besides, before getting to buy the Rolex watch from any given shop, it is essential that one checks the ratings and the reviews of the shop online. One will get to know that you are dealing with a shop that will guarantee you a quality Rolex watch. It is important to consider the pricing of the watch when it is so much low priced, then that will be fake. There is a need for individuals to be very vigilant when purchasing Rolex watches for men so as not to buy the fake ones.

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All About Vintage Rolex Watches.

Anyone who has a lot of knowledge and experience with watches will tell you that the best thing you can ever invest in when it comes to watches are the vintage ones. Just like a lot of historical pieces tell their stories, the same will be true of Rolex vintage watches. Given the qualities they come with, these are pieces which are very special. Since the Rolex company was established, it has become renowned as the best watchmaking company around the world and the reputation grows with time. The crown on these watches is used as a signifier of success and power. Buying a vintage Rolex is not just another thing you will be doing but rather an investment. People invest in many things but not all of them are wise but you can rest assured that an investment in a Rolex watch is one of the best ones you can ever make. Vintage Rolex watches value will appreciate over time which is a great case as opposed to the brand new ones which will depreciate. The demand for Rolex watches is always high which means you can get a buyer within hours if not days of putting the item on the market.

You are not limited to just one design of a watch when you are investing in Rolex.Therefore, everyone has the assurance that he or she will end up with the exact kind of a watch he is looking for. There are so many details which go into making different kinds of Rolex watches which is why a lot of people prefer to buy them vintage. In addition, they have varying prices which means you can own a vintage Rolex at the amount you wanted to spend on a watch. There is no day a Rolex watch will cease to be luxurious no matter the amount of time it has been in existence. It is good to work be sure about your choice because the price will still be significant even if it is vintage Rolex and buying several of them in an attempt to get to the one you will be satisfied with will see you have to use a lot of money in the process.

Just because these are vintage Rolex watches it does not mean they will not be telling the time. The difference is that everytime you check the time you will even get more motivated to work towards achieving the goals you have set. The process of making a choice might not be that easy for beginners who are looking for vintage Rolex watches which is why finding someone who is well experienced in the area will be a great thing for you.

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Things That Will Guide You When Shopping At An Online Fashion Store

It is important for you to know that online fashion stores are becoming quite popular and many people are shopping online quite a lot. It usually important that when you are shopping online, you have an idea of what exactly that you are looking for so that you can make the search easier for yourself. If you are a person who likes street fashion, then you can be certain that you can never luck an online fashion store that sells such clothes. The good thing is that you will definitely find an online store that is selling variety of clothes that you can choose from. Street fashion is usually preferred quite a lot by many women as it is the type of fashion that you can wear every day as it tends to bring chic to another new level. Street fashion is usually the best fashion when it comes to people who are creative because people are usually allowed to mix different types of pieces without following any fashion rules because at the end of the day what really matters is all about how comfortable you are in those pieces.The good thing about this type of fashion is that it is known to be quiet affordable and almost every woman can be able to afford a couple of great pieces for their wardrobe. Below are some guidelines that will help you when selecting an online fashion store.

You can never go wrong when at the end of the day you choose to shop at an online fashion store that is known by many people because they tend to be the best.Such online stores are usually the best because they have already made a name for themselves in the industry; therefore, you can be certain that you are dealing with a store that will deliver to your clothes after only a few days. You can never go wrong if you ensure that you when buying clothes at an online fashion store you buy good quality clothes that are affordable. People are usually encouraged to ensure that when they are shopping online, they make sure that the online store has been in the industry for the longest time so that they cannot have any worries when it comes to their items being delivered on time. It is important that you take your time and do at her research when getting an online store that is well-established and known when it comes to selling street fashion or you can always ask for reference from your family or friends who might know of such stores.

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The Wonderful Things to Know About Chiropractors

If you have never heard of a chiropractor service before, you are really missing out because they are really great and they can really help you with so many wonderful things indeed. There are so many people who are now going and seeing their chiropractor services as they can really gain so much from what they get from these services. There are so many chiropractor services out there that are just waiting for you to go to them and to get their wonderful benefits that they can offer to you. Keep on reading down below to find out more about these chiropractor services ans what wonderful benefits they can do for you so stick around to learn more.

When you go to a good chiropractor service, these people can really help you with a lot of things such as back aches and neck pains. There are many stories that were told about people going to these chiropractor and getting a massages or a treatment and they really got so much help and so much relief from it. A chiropractor can really help you in a lot of wonderful ways so you should really go to them for help and you will really benefit so much from their services to you. When you go and see a chiropractor, they will first asses you and after they have done that, they will then tell you what they can do for you. They can give you massages and they can also do certain things to align your body together so that it will no longer hurt too much. If you are not sure where you can find these services, you can do a research on where these places are and there are so many so you are really not going to have a hard time trying to find one.

A chiropractor service can really help you with so many things indeed and if you are not sure if they can help you with your plantar fasciitis, they can indeed and you can really get so much help from them with this condition that you have. If you have never heard of this before, it is a certain foot disease that has to do with the heels of your feet. There are so many people out there who have these kinds of conditions and when you go and see a professional chiropractor, they can really help you out with these things. You can cure your crooked joints if you have any and if you are wondering how they can do these, you will have to go and talk to one to know about these things. We hope that you will really see to it that you do go and get help from these chiropractor services as they are really great indeed.

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Guide on How to Choose the Best Residential Real Estate Company

Buying a house or selling a house is a process which you should make clear considerations when you need to make it effective. Therefore, you need to ensure that you consider some tips when for you to make the purchase or sales of the house easy. There are residential real estate companies that are in the market which can offer with the services you need. The need for the real estate services is a bit high because most of the people are settling down in their own homes. You will thus find that many companies are in the market providing the real estate services to those that require them. It is not that easy to locate a suitable real estate company because a huge number of them are in the market. There are certain tips which you should put into consideration while searching for a reliable real estate company. Here are the considerations which you should make while searching for a reliable real estate company to use.

The licensing of the residential real estate company is the first factor to consider when you need to choose the best one. For that services of the real estate company to commence, they should be approved by the local authorities. When you see the permit that the company has for the services, then you will be sure about their licensing. You should make sure that you consider the services provided by a company with a legit license.

The second consideration you should make is the reviews of the real estate company when you need a suitable one. The most credible source of information about the real estate company is from those who have used them before you. For that reason, consider the services offered by real estate company which is reputable in the market. Consideration will not be made on the real estate company which have poor customer reviews on the services they provide to their clients.

The third factor to consider is the amount of money you will pay for the houses which are offered by the real estate company. Make consideration of the company which has the houses which you can comfortably pay for the rates demanded on them. Therefore, you should ensure that the houses the residential company has are worth their rates.

The other factor to consider is the type of houses which real estate company offer when you need to choose the appropriate one to use. For that reason, you will consider the services provided by the real estate company which has the best-designed house.

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Know More On Garden And Home Tools

Almost all families will always have a family and home garden where they might either have to plant trees ,flowers as well as some few fruits and as well decorate the family in the proper manner. As a person may be first considering the process of starting up a garden in their homes then they have to tale into mind the right type of tools that they will have to use so as to make it look more amazing and also if they had started before then they ought to know what they have to use so as to get the best type of gardens.

For the process of gardening to be easier one should be able to understand the right type of farm tools that they ought to use so ad to be successful in what they are doing.As one chooses the right type of tools they should fully take into mind the fact that the tools should have the best quality but not only those that can do their work and also make sure that they have a proper place that they will store them and also make sure that they will have proper type of maintenance.

To make sure the tools below last a longer period of time then a person should be ready to put them under proper maintenance and also make sure that they are stored in a cools and dry place.

A tool that is almost in each and every home is a rake that is used to loosen the top soil as well as make sure that the nutrients that are in the soil be removed to the top.A rake can also be used to clean a garden as well as the compound and remove the grass that has dried up and as one chooses them then he should consider to buy the metallic one and the one that is less stressful to the hand to make sure the process is not a hard one.

A garden hose should not miss in any home as well as in any garden since it has very many functions that it can be use to do.A garden hose can be use to water a lawn as well as wash vehicles at home and they may be expensive but can always offer the vest service when one decides on which type to use.

A shovel as well as also garden forks are so important in a garden as well as families,they are similar only that garden fork is larger and they are always used in the process of digging and scooping.

There are very many types of garden tools and one will always choose the garden and home tools according to what they want at a particular time.

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Why No One Talks About Rentals Anymore

Rent To Own Is The Way To Go

The world’s economy has actually seen so many tough times especially in the real estate sector. Persons that want to sell off their property may sometimes not just get it off the market. They then make a decision to have the house leased. This is done in an arranged way such that after a while the tenant gets to fully own the place. As a buyer, you do not need to hesitate when such an opportunity knocks on your door. This is due to the numerous benefits that you receive from such. Some of them include the following.

You will be able to realize a growth in your equity in the home each passing month. Each deposit that you make each passing month is taken to be a portion of the selling price. In a way, you will be buying a portion of the house each passing month. An option deposit will be credited once you fully buy the house. This option deposit will oftentimes count as part of interest in the house. You need to keep in mind that you will incur really low expenditure out of your own pocket. There is only a small percentage of the entire value that is paid as the initial down payment for the house. After this, the only obligation that you will have is paying your monthly rent. The option deposit can be added too.

The set requirements are usually quite flexible and adjustable. Given that the restrictions are purely driven by the seller, it is possible that credit will be quite flexible. Your monthly rent being paid monthly is the only way that you can prove to the seller that you are indeed able to buy the house. You are guaranteed control over the home as you go on paying. Before owning the home, you will have fully known the exact place to improve.

The costs that are attached to this kind of arrangement are often not too many. You will realize that both the maintenance costs and repair expenses are relatively low for you. In most cases, you will find that that major maintenance issues will be sorted out by the seller himself. This will definitely offer you the right chance to relax. Additionally, tax liabilities are usually minimized. Since you will not have become the full owner of the home, you will not be asked to make payments of any tax obligations well in advance. The buyer will be exposed to an environment that will allow him to understand and know the cost of the house before taking up the ownership of the house. Taking into account this option of purchase will be quite a wise idea for any buyer.

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