FAQs About Divorce Mediation Requirements

In Connecticut, divorce proceedings could lead to mediation if either party continues to contest the divorce agreement. The process is used as a measure to stop the couple from becoming hostile and dragging the proceedings out further than necessary. A local attorney explains the requirements for mediation.

Why is Mediation Beneficial?

It provides both parties an opportunity to discuss their differences in a neutral environment. The process is conducted at an attorney’s office in the conference room in most cases. It prevents unnecessary hostility and could provide protection for individuals who have an active protection order. It is a potential act to stop a divorce trial which could stretch out the divorce proceedings up to two years.

When is Mediation Initiated?

Mediation is initiated when the couple is willing to meet and discuss all issues with the divorce agreement. The parties must agree to meet for the mediation process in order for the process to work. It is started to enable the couple to settle their differences and avoid a trial. However, the process isn’t guaranteed and isn’t always successful.

What If It Fails?

The attorneys representing each party could negotiate via phone and explain the wishes of their clients. It is possible for some couples to compromise on some issues and settle the divorce faster. A compromise could prevent a lengthy negotiation process and avoid an unnecessary divorce trial. However, if all negotiations have failed, the court schedules the trial for the next available court date.

Why Should Couples Avoid a Trial?

A divorce trial takes all the decision-making power away from the couple. The judge and/or jury makes all final renderings for the couple. The court divides the entire marital estate and determines what child custody arrangement is most suitable. All child support and alimony payments are set up through the court, too.

In Connecticut, divorce proceedings lead to mediation to settle their grievances and settle their divorce. Common issues that arise in divorce cases include disputes about child custody, marital property division, and alimony. The disputes must be settled, or the case isn’t finalized. Couples who need help with divorce mediation contact an attorney now.